Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, it's been two months since I last posted on here (or almost anywhere else for that matter...) and we are finally in the house. Yes, you read that right, we are in the house!! There are boxes all over the house and stacked in the garage but we have a kitchen with all kinds of fun stuff to play with, computers on desks (not the floor like mine started out), it actually looks like a house now! I'm going to try to get pictures uploaded tomorrow before work, but we'll see how that works out. I really, really want to get all my scrapbooking stuff out so I can start playing with my SGK goodies and my new Jessica Lynn Original stamps. I miss playing!! I want to go for some more design teams and work on challenges and contests! Tomorrow is New Years Eve and I'm closing at the Studios again. I volunteered to this time (last year not so much) however, when we only do fireworks two times a year, it's pretty cool to get paid to watch them. The bad part about it is the hours- 730pm-430am.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Today is my birthday and Kirk and I went to the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert on Wednesday. It was awesome! I love those guys, even if they didn't come outside to visit, you know so pictures could be taken.... only inside visiting, and House of Blues doesn't allow cameras inside. I get to spend my birthday working a turnaround....I got off at 11pm, although by the time I ran a package to one of the resorts, it was more like 1130... and I'm back in at 6am today, maybe I should get ready to leave. After work I'm going home to paint.....

Monday we got power, 2 rooms got painted and the exterior of the house was painted. Tomorrow Kirk's parents give up our fridge and bring it over (they've been using in their office, and now that we have power, we'd like to use it hehe ) I'm going to see how much I get painted in the hours after I get off and Kirk gets off, or before I pass out from lack of sleep. Today we're getting the inspection for our CO, and if we pass, we could spend tonight at the new house! We aren't because we don't have furniture and stuff, but we could. Painting will be done by Tuesday and we should be moving in sometime next week! :) I hope so, because I miss everyone on here, on SGK, I wanna scrapbook, and I want to be able to do nothing on my days off if I please....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Better news....

Long time no chat! I'm sorry! It's been too busy working on the house.... and Kirk and I were
on vacation the first week of October, literally working on the house from pretty much sun up to sun down. It was exhausting!!!!! Every day of vacation was spent working on the house, except the very last day- we decided to take a trip to Melbourne and we hit the Brevard Zoo. We went kayaking, fed lorikeets, and fed a giraffe :) Yes I have pictures, no they are not up anywhere yet. It was pretty cool.

So every single day of vacation it rained..... we have had nice (still hot, but not rainy, not overly killer hot, not cold, not back and forth... nice and constant) up until our vacation, and ever since our vacation.... but it was horrible the whole vacation.... Because of the crappy weather we didn't get nearly enough done on the house, so we still aren't in it yet and that really bites. We have finished the kitchen- counter tops were cut and installed, all the cabinets in place, all trim in place, running water, just need to paint and get the fridge in. There is still a lot of painting to do and I'm not happy about that, but it was pretty humid and we still don't have power. But that's about all that is left.... we still have to carpet the closet and put up the closet shelves and what not, finish the siding, and level out the yard. We had a lot of problems with the electrician (like he didn't show up for work and didn't call in... after hours of us waiting, we call them "what's the hold up", then the lady on the phone was rude, "couldn't" schedule someone else, and didn't want to send anyone over til next week, even when we were promised someone was going to be there on Monday.) after threats of another electrician and our contractor not using them for other jobs, someone was miraculously able to come out Wednesday morning. The plumber was here last week, after telling us Thursday was fine unless we got a call.... we waited and waited and waited and called them "oops, we forgot to call and let you know we couldn't get you on the schedule til tomorrow" lots of little things like that kept delaying us. Can't paint if the plumber is running around running boxes into the wall, can't paint if the electrician is installing outlets or switches on every wall of the house.... It sucks. They also said that it's going to be around 9 business days until they come and hook up the electricity even though we have passed the final electrical inspection. Kinda sucks because I have a friend flying down on Thursday who was supposed to stay with us, and now we are having to find another place for her. Not really just her, me too, since I'm her ride to and from Disney while she is down here. We were going to stay on property at any of the Disney resorts, and they are all booked for the time we need a room. UGH, I'll be so happy when this is all over.

I have pictures of the zoo and the house, but I just haven't had time to post them. I will though, I promise! I miss everyone at SGK, I really want to do the new contest!!!! :( I promise I'm coming back soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

still not doing a countdown....

Well Kirk and I worked a LOT on the house this past weekend. He put up all the bead board in the bathroom and has all the trim up except for the corner pieces. Then he just needs to caulk it and it's all ready for me to paint the other half of it! All of the wall cabinets are up in the kitchen, and I had the joy of installing 15 cabinet doors, all but 3 of which were ones I needed a ladder for. My wrist is still sore. It's almost all of the upper cabinets, but not quite. I'll finish the rest of them Sunday or Monday. On Wednesday the plumber came out and the cruddy bathroom (I don't know what they were thinking when they put 3 different colors of tile in there, none of them match!) that was already in the house now has running water and a working toilet! Yay for the little things ;)

Hopefully the electrician is coming in to start installing all the new outlets, then we can bring in the appliances to install the base cabinets. They are all in place right now, but we don't want to install them and find out the stove isn't going to fit. Then the counter is coming in.... we're trying to figure out how to cut and install it ourselves, should be interesting. The plumber can come back and finish and hook up the new bathroom and our kitchen. I still have to paint sooooooooooo much of the house. Kirk is having to put in the baseboard and trim in for all the drywall we tore out and for all of the addition. I *think* that's the rest of the interior work. As for the exterior- we still have to finish the siding, although his dad and brother in law got a large chunk of the side done, the porches need to finish being caulked and can be primed (AGAIN! That will be the third time I've had to do it) and painted, and the house can get painted when the siding is finished (we've got someone to come in and do it).

Kirk and I are on vacation Oct 1-8 and he's shooting for us moving in during that week. I'm hoping, but not getting my hopes up too high. It will be soon though since I have someone coming to stay with us in mid October.

New pictures up in - kitchen, master bedroom suite, and renovations.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Amazing....

Sooooo Friday morning as I'm walking backstage at work, I run into Erin Wallace again. I say hi to her since she's there and made eye contact with me and it's polite.... OMG she remembered me! "Jillian from yesterday right?" Of the five billion people I'm sure she talked to the day before, she remembered me! Very cool!

This weekend Kirk and I assembled all of our kitchen cabinets, did a dry run fitting (we ended up with about 2 feet of extra space we didn't know we had so we ran to get more cabinets!), and installed about 2/3 of the wall cabinets. I am super sore from it, but the quicker it gets done, the quicker it looks like a house and the quicker I can move it.

So since it was a big thing going in my head and 100% of the votes said to break my album into rooms, I have done it.... now shows renovations (to just before the tile was finished) room by room. Yay! :) I'll be drawing and announcing my winner soon!

OMG again.... Jessica Lynn is AMAZING!! If you haven't checked out her stamps you NEED too! She makes all of her own acrylic stamps and she custom made (and RAKed!!!!!) me engagement stamps in the Disney font! Now I need to come up with a cute card design to mail out to family and what not. They rock, and since I haven't finished my engagement album, I was looking through it, and there are 2 spots that look like these stamps were made just for those 2 spots, and she has only seen one page of the album (where I used her stamps). I really need to finish that mini album.... it's really just journaling at this point.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


So today was the last of 3 days of the 2007 Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Leadership Conference. It was my first time attending and it was pretty neat. I took 8 or 9 classes, seminars and key note speeches. How cool to see soooooo many of our leaders and executives all in one place. I got so much SWAG it isn't even funny! I'm going to use a lot of it as give aways for the Cast. Today was the only day that I didn't have Kirk there as my "back up person to talk to" and I was promptly "scolded" for calling him as soon as I got out of a class instead of networking. He gave me the goal of going up to someone, anyone, that I didn't know and talk with them. I said "hi" in passing to Meg Crofton (President of Walt Disney World), Al Weiss (President of Worldwide Operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts), and Jay Rasulo (Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts); and after a session with Greg Emmer (Senior Vice President of Operations, Disneyland) and Erin Wallace (Senior Vice President of Operations, Walt Disney World) went up to the two of them and talked with them! (Shy me, and I talked to Senior VPs, yay me!) I talked a bit more with Erin and thought that was pretty cool that they stuck around after talking for 2 hours to talk some more with people. So the last couple of days had a nice bit of "Disney Magic" that will make work a little more bearable until I can take some vacation time. :)

As for the house, we got a lot done over the last few days- the tile is completely done, the bathroom is painted and all but the hallway, dining room and living room have their second coat of primer and are ready to be painted. Kirk and his dad worked hard to get almost all of the front of the house covered in the siding, and got a ceiling put up in our front porch. It's starting to look like I could move in, well just in looks, but at least it's something!

Oh, I have added a poll, I'm thinking about changing the format of the house picture albums, I didn't quite know where demolition and renovation really stopped/started so most of the pictures are going into that one album. I am thinking that I will do room by room albums, what do you think? Vote for me please :) If you vote and post a comment on here saying you voted I will pick a name randomly to share some fun Disney SWAG with!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've given up on the countdowns.....

Well, I haven't heard anything new from Kirk but we had to file an extension with the bank.... at a pretty high cost which royally sucks. We filed for an 8 week extension because the city caused a 6 week delay with the gas line fiasco. We have gotten a lot of help lately but unfortunately it hasn't been enough. I understand though, I know they can't just drop everything and jump in, Kirk and I can't even do that. The tiling should all be done tomorrow, it would have been sooner but apparently the tiles we picked have a slight bow to some of them so they don't lay flat and it's a pain to install, we are also short a few tiles for the trim to the shower. We have two rooms left to prime and then I think it's second coat time for all the rooms. Cabinets are being put together and maybe going up this weekend. I don't know anything else because we have funky days off this week and next. Kirk ended up with tomorrow off and I have Saturday off. I'm going to see if I can at least go early tomorrow to help paint and what not. Then we're both off Mon-Tues, but we have the Leadership Conference at work and I think we both have classes on Tuesday, I know I do at least. more pictures are up- they are at the end of the renovations album. I think the house mover is done with his 4 week vacation so hopefully there will be some new garage pictures soon too. Ugh, I don't know how I don't have a break down everyday we are out there working on this thing. This stupid house needs to be done soon since I have a friend coming down who will be staying with us in 7 weeks. I told Kirk if it wasn't done in time he was paying for us to stay at a Disney hotel. He promises it will be done in time.

On a good note with work, I am going to be mentoring one of the Cast Members in my area! I also just got asked by a Cast Member at Magic Kingdom to have a one on one with them. (One on ones are big at Disney for networking, getting ahead in the company, learning about someones role, etc) So that's pretty cool! I'm pretty excited about the Leadership Conference next week, I'm signed up for 9 classes! I can't wait. I think all in all for September at this moment, I have 13 in person classes. That's not counting all the online ones I've been doing, or all the meetings and stuff I have to go to. No wonder I'm always so tired! I do have to say though, that my online classes are a good thing because I'm getting a Certificate from Harvard Business School for it, and that will look good on my resume.

I am eagerly awaiting my Flip Flop Chicks package in the mail. I was fine with waiting before, but now people are getting their packages and posting pictures and now I want mine! :) I am going to the post office before work today to drop mine off to my secret sister (and no loyal readers, I'm not going to spill who it is!) I really hope she likes it, that box is PACKED! I got a lot of stuff off her list and went hunting around the board trying to find stuff. It was a lot of fun :) I way overspent though.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

9 days to go and starting to panic....

So over the weekend we got the texture done to the walls. On Sunday, Kirk's dad and mom were putting up some of the siding while we were at work. We get a call right before we leave saying that his parents were on the way to the emergency room, Kirk's dad got shot in the knee with the nail gun. Thankfully it didn't hit any bones, but he is out of commission for a while. Now that means our major worker for the house is down and Kirk and I can't get any time off between now and the time we HAVE to be done; in fact, next week I don't have my regular days off and my second day off isn't until the 1st, the day after everything needs to be done. We did buy a crap load of paint, and I have done a second layer of primer on half of the porch and the master bath has gotten primer for everything but the corners and ceiling. This texture is a pain to paint over. I was really hoping to have at least all of the addition done before work this week, but only got one room. It sucks. Kirk did get the corner pieces up of the siding and all the windows have been framed out, so that's a good thing. We are (crossing my fingers) no longer doing the tile work, we called my uncle (he has his own tile company) to see if his guys can come do it in such short notice. There is no way that Kirk and I can do the rest of this on our own. We still have to put the primer on the rest of the addition, all the new walls and the other half of the porch, finish siding the house, paint all of the interior, paint all of the exterior (we have someone coming out to do that), tile the kitchen and bathroom, put in the kitchen cabinets and appliances, and finish the bathroom. I really hope we can get this done in time....

Friday, August 17, 2007

woohoo, 14 days to go!

The dry wall was installed yesterday, and now we're waiting on the screw inspection (they inspect everything with construction I swear!) and then they can tape it and texture it to match the rest of the house. Kirk says that should be done before Mon/Tue and I can start priming and painting away!

I'm tired of being screwed over at work. Today will be great though because I have yet another one of my leadership classes and LAURA IS BACK!!!! She's been gone for 2 months or so and I haven't seen her since the staff meeting and the two of us going out to dinner about a month ago. My office time is also at the end of my shift today, so I'm very tempted to say "see ya" and just go home for it. That or at least drive to the house and check out the new walls. We'll see what Kirk's schedule is first though.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

House update.... 17 days to go!

We just had the new windows installed this morning, it only took them an hour to install all of them, when it took two weekends to re frame them. They are delivering the drywall sometime tomorrow and will be installing it tomorrow or Thursday. We are hopefully painting and tiling (maybe just tiling? maybe just painting?) this weekend and have someone coming (not sure when...) to do the siding and possibly *crossing my fingers* painting. Today after Kirk gets out of his meeting we may be going back out and doing the second coat of primer on the front porch, if not we're doing it tomorrow. I did the second coat yesterday while he was finishing the window framing. We are getting so close!!

I have to call Disney class registration, there is a Leadership Conference that for some reason I didn't get my email to sign up for classes, so they need to let me in. Should be a fun time. Yay for more Disney classes. Ugh, sad news for my "favorite" manager, she is still on all of September's schedule :(

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy News!!

The first section is work related- I've been unofficially told that my least favorite rude manager will no longer be a manager at the end of the month!!! I'm all kinds of excited about that! It will be more exciting when I'm told officially, but I'll have that inner satisfaction for now at least. My meeting went pretty well with the VP... it was more of a "this is my Disney work history, this is what I expect out of all the leaders" and then my history, any questions, where I'd like to go from here, and that kind of thing. It was nice to hear that he's been there for a few years now, and this is our first "sit down and talk" kind of meeting, we've run into each other in the park and that kind of thing... but he knew who I was and what I'd already done. Now I don't know if that's just because he's good, or because he was briefed before I came in, but I was still impressed :)

The second one is house related- depending on how you look at it, it could be bad or good news. I'm taking it as good, Kirk first presented it to me as bad. Our loan for the construction expires at the end of the month, as does the temporary house insurance we have. Yes, that does sound bad.... but that also means that all the house stuff HAS to be done by the end of the month!! yay for finally being done and being able to move in! The bad part is that we are working pretty much as long as there is daylight but it's getting done. We painted the first coat of primer on both porches railing this weekend, and
started ripping out the old windows. We have two windows left to pull out and re-frame that we are doing in the morning. The window people will be here on Tuesday to install the new windows. Today the 3rd drywall company came out to look at the house and will be faxing over his quote tomorrow. If this is the guy Kirk's dad was talking about the other day, I'm sure we're going with them, since they were going for 1/2- 1/3 of the price the first guy was quoting, and this guy is including supplies in the cost when the first guy wasn't.

Well that's all I have time for, I did a lot of work on the house early this morning, working at the real job in a few (kinda need to get ready to leave) and back at it all over again tomorrow... only difference will be the lack of sleep for tomorrows work.

Friday, July 27, 2007

vacation anyone??

OMG I really need a vacation. I can always tell it vacation time when I start dreading going to work. It's not that I don't like it, I just need some time off. The person from my last rant is getting on my nerves. She just shuts everyone out, she's lied to the Cast Members, she doesn't try to get help and she turns it down when offered. I don't get it. When I started I wanted to learn as much as I could, I still am and it's been 4 months now. Whatever, I've tried, it's just frustrating..... So Kirk is facilitating a class at work (mainly at our park) that all the Cast Members have to go to (he's not the only one, he's on a team of facilitators) and during the introductions they have to tell about their favorite Walt Disney World memory. So he's good and tells about our engagement story.... I swear half of my Cast Members have had his class and they all come up to tell me about it. Well the Vice President of our park was at one of the classes today and heard it, although Kirk said he's already heard it... and I have a meeting with him next week.

I cut my hair last week.... a bunch. It's in a cute bob. I need to get pictures of it. I really like the way it turned out. I haven't had short hair in a few years and with it being so freaking hot lately (It's after 11pm and it's still 80ยบ outside!) I thought short would be good. It also gives me a chance to grow it back out for the wedding so I have lots of options for hair styles- up do if I want, cut it for a short style, whatever. My stylist is already asking to see pictures of me in the dress so she can start thinking of ideas.

I've finally gotten to scrap. I don't know how since half of my stuff is packed but I did. I have done 3 of my 5 months of Scrappy Scavengers from SGK. I'm so excited about that! I just need to get my pictures taken of them. I got to talk to Kat on the phone the other day!! That was really cool to get to talk to her instead of just typing to her. I hope she and some of the other girls get to come down here! I know Steph's mom is literally minutes away from my new house so that's pretty cool!

Speaking of pictures, after this weekend I should have a massive upload of house pictures! Kirk and I are one step away from the demolition being done and everything else being reconstruction. We are tyveking this weekend and right before we do that we are taking the end trim from the house (that last step!!). We had the insulation people out last weekend, the garage was delivered and we picked up our kitchen cabinets. We did a lot of site clean up too, and in the process I killed a little snake :( I was trying to dig up the concrete that we have all over the yard (they mixed concrete in like 4 different places and didn't clean any of it up) and there was a snake under one of the chunks and I cut it with the shovel. I felt so bad! I don't know what all this weekend will entail for the house, even though Kirk read me off a list of things we are doing, but it's getting closer to move in time which is exciting! I can't wait until it's time to paint! Kirk hates painting, but I don't mind it at all. It's fun! I'm thinking I want my scrap room/office/guest room done is some combo of these colors - it's a little less loud than the Tink green I wanted, and how perfect because Snow White is my most favorite Disney princess/character/movie!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

house stuff

I've finally uploaded the last couple of weeks worth of pictures to the site... the new pictures are on the second and third pages. We've also gotten a garage with this whole thing, and since it's part of our house it couldn't be normal... it's also being moved!

It looks like we will be replacing all the windows after all... we've been removing the exterior walls drywall to insulate and several of the windows have problems. A few are dry rotted and the weights are broken on another one, most of them are stuck/painted shut. We're waiting for the roof to be finished, the rest of the drywall to come down so the insulation people can come in, we'll redo the drywall, have to tile the kitchen and bathroom, have the plumber come in and do the rest of the bathroom, and paint and I hope we can move in soon....

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well, Star Wars Weekends is finally over and I think I'm getting back to a normal sleep pattern (just to get messed up again this weekend). I do have to say, as much fun as the event can be, I'm more exhausted from it this year than I have ever been. I'm sure that has something to do with managing it as opposed to working it, but I was still doing 5-6 hours more a day than I did this year too. Oh well, it's over and that's all that matters (well, that and we broke last years numbers for sales :D ).

I'm kind of sad to say that my Disney classes are over tomorrow. I think that I learned a lot, and hopefully I'll be able to apply it at work. I also have a nice little network of managers (and some new friends) across property in other lines of business, so that will be pretty cool. It's been a nice little "break" from work, even though I'm still working and getting paid. Although I do have to say, I spent my last class at Magic Kingdom playing around with one of the other managers. There was only one class this week that we could skip if we'd already taken it. Since we knew in advance, we brought a change of clothes to go to MK in :)

So I think I'm finally going to try out for another design team. I won't mention who and where just yet, (don't want ya'll taking my spot ;) LOL ) but cross your fingers and what not for me!

The house is getting a little closer to move-in-able! All of the new windows are in place and sometime after we move in we'll start replacing the rest of the windows. I think we are also saving the sanding/refinishing of the floor until later too. My parents finally came out to see it and they love it and are very excited for me. I can't wait until I move so I can finally get back into scrapping :(

Thursday, June 21, 2007

3 down, 1 to go!!!!!!!!!

OK, I'm so thrilled that this is the last weekend of Star Wars Weekends.... I never thought I'd say that, but I really am. Even better, I'm only working Friday and Saturday, and I'm off on Sunday. Kirk said I should go play in the park as a guest on Sunday, but I'm going to enjoy my day off of SWW. In fact, I'm finally dragging my parents to go see our new house..... this process is like a year and a half in the making and they still haven't gone the 30 miles to go see my house, not even the day we shut down 192 to move it. Renovations are going awesome!! We ripped out a bunch of drywall this weekend and the electrician is excited because he doesn't have to go digging in the wall. Our front porch is almost done too. It's going to have another slight delay and this is partially Home Depots fault. Apparently they no longer do off the shelf, do-it-yourself kitchen cabinets.... it's all going to be special order now. They didn't have (in 3 different stores) anywhere near the combination of cabinets we needed so we had to order them, and it's a 3 week delivery time frame. But the siding will be too (if we ever decide on what we're getting). We also have to sand down and refinish the hardwood floors, so that extra time will be nice to let the floor cure. For those of you who haven't seen, here are my house pictures- I try to update it every week or so. All the new pictures are going in the renovations album. :)

I'm kind of excited about next week, it should be a fairly relaxed week work-wise. I'm in classes Mon-Fri at Disney University (yes, it's real!) I will be really glad when July comes and I'm back to a normal schedule; one where my Cast Members realize that I'm their manager and not a fill in from another area.... (although, I may be eating my words later in the month, as we're missing two managers for the whole month...) Speaking of fill in managers, I have now done the whole circle at Fantasmic!/Tower of Terror/Rockin' Roller Coaster. Brand new trainee, vendor, stage director, trainer, core trainer, manager. Kind of exciting :) I should really be in bed since I have to be up in 5 hours to do another SWW day....

Monday, June 11, 2007

2 down, 2 to go

Well another SWW is over, and only 2 more to go. I'm sad to say, but I'm really not enjoying working it this year and that disappoints me. Way more than anything I want to go into on the Internet, but some people need to stay out of things they don't belong in. I'm actually glad that I'm not working the very last day of the event. I'm actually out of "work" the whole last week of the month... Off on Sunday, classes at Disney University Monday-Friday and then off again on Saturday. Should be fun. As for last week- I am still exhausted from it and I managed to not have to work on Thursday. I did pass my class/test from Wednesday, I am now a State Certified Food Safety Manager. Kind of scary when you think about the fact that I can't cook; I own a cook book called "How to Boil Water Life After Takeout". Kirk and I ended up meeting Pozzie and her daughter at Epcot not Magic Kingdom. We had a blast! I wish we had more time to spend with them. Pozzie will be back down this fall and we'll hang out more then!

All the tile in the house is gone and now so is the wall between our bedroom and the old closet, that was fun pounding drywall out. The back addition is almost done, in the sense that the old exterior wall is almost ready to be knocked out. We need to put in a door and window and I think it will be ready. It's moving along!

Monday, June 4, 2007

The First Weekend is over....

So the first Star Wars Weekends is over and I've survived so far. I'm in charge of all the collectible merchandise this year and it still surprises me after working it 4 years how fanatical people can get. I'm completely exhausted over the weekend and all Kirk and I did after work was grab dinner and go right to bed, but I'm STILL tired.... This week will be the same, I'm off today but have to do laundry and study. Tomorrow we're both off and working on the house, like ripping out all the tiles in the kitchen and tearing down part of a wall. Wednesday I'm pulling a double at work- I have a state food safety class and test that is from 9a-430p, and then I'm working from 630p-3a. Thursday I'm working 10a-7p and then hopefully sleeping as soon as I get off work. Friday goes back into SWW and being in at 5a. Saturday is SWW again, going to Magic Kingdom to meet Pozzie and her daughter, and then off to a family party/dinner/thing. Sunday is back to SWW and hopefully sleep! I have a feeling that I'll be wanting to vacation in July, even if it's really just a little four day weekend!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's the Simple Things.....

I'm happily working on my mini album for my engagement pictures. I'm glad we brought the camera along. I'm now working with a friend of mine who just got the other manager spot in my area (our guys are buds too, and they just wound up with cubicles down from each other). I'm off work for the next two day. We're working on our house while we're both off! I've gotten a great new friend from the Cricut board. My wedding dress still fits! (long story mondo short, broken engagement 6 years ago... but I LOVED my dress and wasn't getting rid of it) 5 days until Star Wars Weekends starts! We're going out with friends we haven't seen in quite a while on Tuesday.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chara's Blog Challenge Part 1

BLOG CHALLENGE FROM CHARA So these are off the top of my head, not really in depth thought going on... #1 Favorite female celebrity - Hilary Duff has been there for a while :) #2 favorite male celebrity - Brendan Fraser at the moment #3 your dream job - at the moment I'm doing exactly what I want to do, but I'd love to have a small little successful scrapbook store one day #4 favorite dessert - pretty much anything with strawberries or caramel #5 favorite scrappy company - SGK of course! I can't decide.... Making Memories, Heidi Swapp or Prima


Who knows how long it will take before I'm not keeping this one up, but we'll see! Maybe I can use my upcoming wedding and finished house as a reason to keep it updated, although they work as reasons I don't have time to keep it updated too! I have started adding links to my page, it's mostly the other SGK girls at the moment, but I'll put more up.