Thursday, July 12, 2007

house stuff

I've finally uploaded the last couple of weeks worth of pictures to the site... the new pictures are on the second and third pages. We've also gotten a garage with this whole thing, and since it's part of our house it couldn't be normal... it's also being moved!

It looks like we will be replacing all the windows after all... we've been removing the exterior walls drywall to insulate and several of the windows have problems. A few are dry rotted and the weights are broken on another one, most of them are stuck/painted shut. We're waiting for the roof to be finished, the rest of the drywall to come down so the insulation people can come in, we'll redo the drywall, have to tile the kitchen and bathroom, have the plumber come in and do the rest of the bathroom, and paint and I hope we can move in soon....

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