Monday, January 30, 2012

Dick Batchelor Run for the Children 5k

I did another 5k on Saturday.  I know, I know, crazy since I'm 7.5 months along now (and I have more to do before BabyD comes)!  This one has been on my list for a little while, it was the Dick Batchelor Run for the Children 5k  hosted by Universal Studios Florida.  All but one of my 5 races before this one had been Run Disney events... the one that wasn't was my worst 5k by far.  Not in time, my time was really good, but just the whole event overall.  I don't blame the event, it was me being spoiled by Disney.  So I was a little nervous signing up for this one.  I really wanted to do one in another park since it's a fun way to see them and I've done all 4 of the WDW parks.  This one was held at Universal Studios Florida, Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal Citywalk Orlando (and was the first race I've done where the start/finish line were not in the same spot).

I have to say I was very impressed with the event.  Being a Disney person, I don't have very high standards for Universal (sorry), and I know that this really isn't a "Universal" race like the Run Disney races are Disney.  But since they are the host they get associated with the event.  There was online registration, and day of registration.  I did online, but the day of was very well organized as was the packet pick up.  Now I'm definitely spoiled by Disney and all the characters out and about on the course.  I got my picture with Shrek and Fiona just before we started, and then afterwards saw them again, along with Shaggy and Scooby and that was it.  Although I guess that does make sure that the course is clear before the parks open.  I was kind of disappointed that there weren't any on course photographers.  I did this one solo, so the only pictures of me I got were (bad) self portraits and one that I got an early park guest to take of me after I finished.  One thing that kind of surprised me was that there was only one water stop, about halfway through the course.  This was the first 5k that I've done that didn't have two stops. Not complaining just observing.  

At the end of the race they had a mini expo along with some refreshments.  They had 6-8 tents set up with some samples and local businesses and tv stations.  A good selection of refreshments- bananas, sliced oranges, granola bars, Powerade, and (my one actual complaint) COLD bottled water.  

All in all I thought it was a good event and would highly recommend it to anyone who has looked at it in the past.  Oh, and for those who aren't up to running a 5k, this one is DEFINITELY walker friendly! It has a 20 minute minimum pace where Disney does a 16.  I walked the entire thing and didn't hit anything faster than a brisk walk up until the very last minute or so... when I saw the finish line, and the timer getting way to close to the one hour mark. I did what people tend to do in cars when they are getting close to an intersection when they see the light turn yellow- pick it up a notch.  I barely made it in under an hour, but I did it: 59 minutes 40 seconds!

Have you participated in this one in the past, or were you there this year?  Let me know what you think of it!   I had a lot of fun with this one, and it probably won't be my last one! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Crafting for BabyD

So I haven't really done much work on my big sewing project other than gathering most of my supplies and getting frustrated with the glasses case (pinwheels are not as easy as they look!)..... but I have done some crafting projects for BabyD.  I love Pinterest it has shown me soooo many cool sites with tutorials on how to make fun (and for the most part easy) craft projects of all kinds.  One of my pin boards is nothing but things that I would love to make for BabyD.  I actually have made a dent in that list recently!  I have made two different types of pacifier clips (one fabric with velcro, from Sew, Mama, Sew and one ribbon one with elastic from Running With Scissors)  and three peepee teepee/Wee Wee Wigwams from make it and love it.

 They are very much handmade but that's fine because I made them and I love them all :) I don't know what my kick is with blue and brown, but that's what I used.  Even the nursing cover I made was brown, blue and green.  Wonder what Pinterest project I'll tackle next!  Show me what crafting project you've been working on!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Another 5k under my belt

The Disney Family Fiesta 5k was held today, Jan 6, 2012. This was my 5th Disney 5k, woohoo! 

If you've been paying attention to my weekly baby updates over on my facebook profile, you already know that means that I was crazy enough to do this 5k at 26 weeks 5 days pregnant!  

Not too big of a feat since I walked the whole time however I have a cold, plus it was only 47 degrees out. I barely even made it up to power walking speed, and didn't run a single step (my throat, cold, cough and voice all thank me). Add that to be pregnant it was a pretty big deal.  It made for my longest 5k so far. Which I do find funny because I was never last and I never saw the slagin' wagons, I even stood in line for 5 minutes so I could get my picture with Snow White, the Prince and Dopey, but yet was still the worst time out of all of them.  I definitely think that had I not been sick I would have finished much better than I did, but I definitely didn't want to over do anything, especially since this was my first 5k without any of my buddies with me, I was solo. I came home and had a 2.5 hour nap afterwards, and usually we'd be running around the parks afterwards.  Definitely could not have done that today!  Oh well, the point is that I finished and I'm not dead and I had fun doing it. This one was my 5th with Disney, and BabyD's 2nd with Disney, and if we're still feeling good we're going for 6th/3rd next month ( 6 weeks before I'm due), and then I'm pretty sure I'm done with them for a little while!