Saturday, December 31, 2011

Big sewing project for the new year

One of my resolutions for the New Year (not that I really make them) is to use my sewing machine more.  That means more fun projects!  

Over at the KellyRachel blog, I stumbled across an awesome tutorial on making a bag and lots of smaller accessories that go with the bag.  It's an 8 week project, but we'll see how long it actually takes me to do.  I'm almost finished with one of my baby projects, and I'm hoping to start this one this week or so!  Stay tuned because I will be posting my progress here on the blog.  If you are interested in checking out the tutorial, sewing along with me, or to see the finished projects without waiting for me, click the make sew along logo (that I will be including with each of my posts as well)


Cathy O said...

Just scanned through this project and can't wait to find the time to try it out. Just a suggestion for the last week is maybe to expand the size of the pouch to credit card/id size...if you make it that far. I often found myself not wanting to carry a purse with a diaper bag and could see that as a very convenient way to have $ and keys to drop into the diaper bag on a quick errand run. Can't wait to see your results.

Jillian said...

That's what I'm in need of for it too, more time! Looks like fun and pretty easy with all the pictures and steps she's included. Oh that's a good suggestion! I saw on the comments that one of her readers had suggested not having it closed at the bottom, and attaching a lens/glasses cleaning cloth that pulls out of it. I liked that idea too. I know I have too much fabric (if there is such a thing!) so maybe I'll do one of each because my clip did come in a pack of two. I will definitely be posting my results (good or bad!)