Earning Extra Income

Have you thought of earning some extra money?  I know I have.  I signed up for a few different things- mystery shopping, paid tweets, blog posts, and survey sites.  While I haven't gotten rich from these, it is some extra spending money, a tank of gas or two a month, that kind of thing.  Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these sites, I do use all of them on a regular basis.  I would love feedback for any companies not listed below if you'd like to share!


Sponsored Tweets/Blog Posts/etc

(in no particular order)

Social Spark is a great sponsored blogging company.  I have made over $300 in 6 months, when I was using it on a regular basis.  I got a free HD Flip from one of the blog posts I've done, which also was featured on the Microsoft OneNote website and then some free items to do reviews on my blog.  They are very easy to work with and have some fun opportunities.  Payment is 30 days after your blog entry has been posted (and left up on your blog).  Cashing out depends on what level you are on.  Now they are combined with SponsoredTweets is just that- Tweets that are sponsored.  You can set your price, and are paid by the opportunity not by the click.  

IZEA is now joined with Social Spark and SponsoredTweets.  I've made some decent money doing consistent posts for them. They have a few different plans set up- those plans range from free to $5 a month.  That will effect how many bids you can do, how many links you can follow, what your cash out limits are, etc.


Surveys and Other Ideas

SwagBucks allows you to get Swag Bucks for doing things you usually do online- like searches.  If you use their search engine there is a chance that you'll get a surprise on your results page- Swag Bucks!  They also give Swag Bucks for taking surveys, polls, watching videos, and they will post codes on their Twitter, Facebook and blog as well.  These codes can be used for gifts cards, prizes, or sweepstakes entries for big prizes!

InboxDollars gives you money for getting emails, doing surveys, watching videos, playing games, doing tasks, shopping and more.  You won't get rich, each email is only $.02 but spending a few minutes on the website each day or two will get it adding up quickly.  Plus you start out with $5 just for signing up! You can cash out at $30

Recyclebank allows you to earn points through (quick and easy) quizzes, games, pledges, and more.  The points are then redeemed for coupons, gift cards, and sales deals in stores and online.  I have been able to do a quiz or two and then print out a coupon, pair it up with a deal in store and get items for free or inexpensively!

iPoll has is full of surveys- some are only on the app and some are only through their website.  Sometimes the pay is $.50, sometimes it's $15.  I've gotten paid many times to go to a store, take a few pictures and answer a few questions.  They do many different types of missions.  Payouts vary, usually $25 for gift cards, or $50 for PayPal or a VISA card. I've earned $400 (since the end of 2012) through them and love it.  The only compliant I have is payment time frames, it's not instant- sometimes it takes 4-6 weeks to clear.  Once you get your $50, it can take another month for it to process and hit your PayPal account.  Overall it's great though.

More coming soon! :)