Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First Giveaway!

I'm hosting my first blog giveaway with some exciting prizes from Sea-Band! For those who haven't been paying attention, or have just forgotten, I'm pregnant!  One of the joys that comes along with being pregnant is the morning sickness and nausea. 

 Just in time for my pregnancy, I was able to participate in a review of Sea-Band wristbands along with some Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum.  I've had pretty good results with the wristbands, mostly when I'm traveling in the car (it's about an hour each way for work, 5 days a week).  Due to Disney's costuming policy, I'm not able to wear them at work; but I've been very fortunate that I haven't been too bad at work.  On the other side, when I had some of the anti-nausea ginger gum, it made me sick.  It may have been that I took them to late for them to work and I was going to be sick anyway, but it turned me off of them.  I do highly recommend the wristbands and still recommend the ginger gum though because everyone is different and it could work great for your nausea! 

Are You Pregnant, Suffering from Morning Sickness and Looking for a Drug-Free Remedy? Let Sea-Band, Drug Free Nausea Relief Bands, Put the Pressure on Morning Sickness So You Can Enjoy Being Pregnant
Morning sickness maybe considered as a right of passage for pregnant women, but the nausea can temporarily put your life on hold . Studies show morning sickness affects nearly three quarters of all pregnant women; however, the only problem (despite the name!) is that it doesn’t always come in the morning. It can happen anytime – morning, day or night – making it difficult and sometimes impossible for pregnant women to carry on with their everyday responsibilities like working, caring for other children, etc. Here’s where FDA approved Sea-Band Drug-Free Nausea Relief Bands can help!

How Sea-Band Works…
Approved by the FDA, Sea-Band is the leading drug-free remedy for morning sickness, motion sickness, chemotherapy nausea and post-operative nausea. Most recently, a 2010 study, carried out at a German clinic specializing in migraine and headache therapy, showed that Sea-Band wristbands significantly reduced nausea and vomiting: 83% noticed perceptible reduction and 44% found their symptoms markedly reduced.
Sea-Band works by exerting constant, gentle pressure on a point on the inner wrist known as the Pericardium 6 (P6) acupressure point. It brings effective relief within five minutes of being applied and can be used before or after the onset of nausea. The all-natural, drug-free, latex-free Sea-Band does not cause the side-effects often associated with anti-nausea medication such as drowsiness, disorientation, dry mouth or possible interactions with other drugs. It’s safe for pregnant women, children, and patients taking prescription medications. Packaged in a convenient carry-case, they are washable and reusable, and available a variety of colors in sizes for adults and children.
Click here to watch an informative video about how Sea-Band wristbands work.  In addition, the company also offers Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum, for fast nausea relief with fresh, uplifting flavor.

Sea-Band products are available in the U.S. in Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, as well as in Canada in Overwaitea, IDA, Familiprix, Guardian and other independent drugstores or pharmacies throughout North America or online at and at
Suggested retail price is $10.99 per pair in the US, and $12.99 in Canada.

Now we get into the fun part, the giveaway!  This giveaway is open to the residents of the United States and Canada. The giveaway will end on 10/30/11 at 12:01am EST. 

I was given a pair of Sea-Band Wristbands and a pack of Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum though My Blog Spark to review for this giveaway.  All opinions in this post are 100% mine, please see my disclosure policy for more information. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

McDonald's Follower of the Week!

Slightly delayed, but on September 30th  announced on their Twitter account that I was their Follower of the Week!  They also gave me a #FF (Follow Friday for those not in the Twitter lingo loop) to their followers :) 

Then they had a big Follower of the Week posted on their facebook page with my Twitter handle and avatar!  

I really love it when companies engage with their customers like this!  McDonald's of Central Florida is GREAT!  They talk with their followers (good or bad), listen to us, suggest food, promote local events, it's wonderful.  

Thanks again for the Follower of the Week honor McD_CentralFL! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Updates!

So now that it's out on Twitter and Facebook, it might as well be out here too.  Kirk and I are expecting!  I'm due April 8th, 2012.  This would be the biggest of the reasons I'm not doing Candlelight Processional as I alluded to earlier. It's also the reason I haven't been updating the blog lately- doctors appointments, morning sickness, and sleeping when I'm not at work!

And now for blog updates- I'll have a couple of reviews up soon and my very first giveaway!  Be sure to check back often for those reviews (and the giveaway!) and tell your friends :)