Friday, July 27, 2007

vacation anyone??

OMG I really need a vacation. I can always tell it vacation time when I start dreading going to work. It's not that I don't like it, I just need some time off. The person from my last rant is getting on my nerves. She just shuts everyone out, she's lied to the Cast Members, she doesn't try to get help and she turns it down when offered. I don't get it. When I started I wanted to learn as much as I could, I still am and it's been 4 months now. Whatever, I've tried, it's just frustrating..... So Kirk is facilitating a class at work (mainly at our park) that all the Cast Members have to go to (he's not the only one, he's on a team of facilitators) and during the introductions they have to tell about their favorite Walt Disney World memory. So he's good and tells about our engagement story.... I swear half of my Cast Members have had his class and they all come up to tell me about it. Well the Vice President of our park was at one of the classes today and heard it, although Kirk said he's already heard it... and I have a meeting with him next week.

I cut my hair last week.... a bunch. It's in a cute bob. I need to get pictures of it. I really like the way it turned out. I haven't had short hair in a few years and with it being so freaking hot lately (It's after 11pm and it's still 80ยบ outside!) I thought short would be good. It also gives me a chance to grow it back out for the wedding so I have lots of options for hair styles- up do if I want, cut it for a short style, whatever. My stylist is already asking to see pictures of me in the dress so she can start thinking of ideas.

I've finally gotten to scrap. I don't know how since half of my stuff is packed but I did. I have done 3 of my 5 months of Scrappy Scavengers from SGK. I'm so excited about that! I just need to get my pictures taken of them. I got to talk to Kat on the phone the other day!! That was really cool to get to talk to her instead of just typing to her. I hope she and some of the other girls get to come down here! I know Steph's mom is literally minutes away from my new house so that's pretty cool!

Speaking of pictures, after this weekend I should have a massive upload of house pictures! Kirk and I are one step away from the demolition being done and everything else being reconstruction. We are tyveking this weekend and right before we do that we are taking the end trim from the house (that last step!!). We had the insulation people out last weekend, the garage was delivered and we picked up our kitchen cabinets. We did a lot of site clean up too, and in the process I killed a little snake :( I was trying to dig up the concrete that we have all over the yard (they mixed concrete in like 4 different places and didn't clean any of it up) and there was a snake under one of the chunks and I cut it with the shovel. I felt so bad! I don't know what all this weekend will entail for the house, even though Kirk read me off a list of things we are doing, but it's getting closer to move in time which is exciting! I can't wait until it's time to paint! Kirk hates painting, but I don't mind it at all. It's fun! I'm thinking I want my scrap room/office/guest room done is some combo of these colors - it's a little less loud than the Tink green I wanted, and how perfect because Snow White is my most favorite Disney princess/character/movie!

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Cathy said...

Hey Jillian. I can't wait to see pics of the house and your new do. Love that piggytales paper!! Do you have some? If you don't....I'll RAK you some so you can alter some stuff to put in your room.....or if you don't want it, I'll make you something myself - heehee.