Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy News!!

The first section is work related- I've been unofficially told that my least favorite rude manager will no longer be a manager at the end of the month!!! I'm all kinds of excited about that! It will be more exciting when I'm told officially, but I'll have that inner satisfaction for now at least. My meeting went pretty well with the VP... it was more of a "this is my Disney work history, this is what I expect out of all the leaders" and then my history, any questions, where I'd like to go from here, and that kind of thing. It was nice to hear that he's been there for a few years now, and this is our first "sit down and talk" kind of meeting, we've run into each other in the park and that kind of thing... but he knew who I was and what I'd already done. Now I don't know if that's just because he's good, or because he was briefed before I came in, but I was still impressed :)

The second one is house related- depending on how you look at it, it could be bad or good news. I'm taking it as good, Kirk first presented it to me as bad. Our loan for the construction expires at the end of the month, as does the temporary house insurance we have. Yes, that does sound bad.... but that also means that all the house stuff HAS to be done by the end of the month!! yay for finally being done and being able to move in! The bad part is that we are working pretty much as long as there is daylight but it's getting done. We painted the first coat of primer on both porches railing this weekend, and
started ripping out the old windows. We have two windows left to pull out and re-frame that we are doing in the morning. The window people will be here on Tuesday to install the new windows. Today the 3rd drywall company came out to look at the house and will be faxing over his quote tomorrow. If this is the guy Kirk's dad was talking about the other day, I'm sure we're going with them, since they were going for 1/2- 1/3 of the price the first guy was quoting, and this guy is including supplies in the cost when the first guy wasn't.

Well that's all I have time for, I did a lot of work on the house early this morning, working at the real job in a few (kinda need to get ready to leave) and back at it all over again tomorrow... only difference will be the lack of sleep for tomorrows work.

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