Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've given up on the countdowns.....

Well, I haven't heard anything new from Kirk but we had to file an extension with the bank.... at a pretty high cost which royally sucks. We filed for an 8 week extension because the city caused a 6 week delay with the gas line fiasco. We have gotten a lot of help lately but unfortunately it hasn't been enough. I understand though, I know they can't just drop everything and jump in, Kirk and I can't even do that. The tiling should all be done tomorrow, it would have been sooner but apparently the tiles we picked have a slight bow to some of them so they don't lay flat and it's a pain to install, we are also short a few tiles for the trim to the shower. We have two rooms left to prime and then I think it's second coat time for all the rooms. Cabinets are being put together and maybe going up this weekend. I don't know anything else because we have funky days off this week and next. Kirk ended up with tomorrow off and I have Saturday off. I'm going to see if I can at least go early tomorrow to help paint and what not. Then we're both off Mon-Tues, but we have the Leadership Conference at work and I think we both have classes on Tuesday, I know I do at least. more pictures are up- they are at the end of the renovations album. I think the house mover is done with his 4 week vacation so hopefully there will be some new garage pictures soon too. Ugh, I don't know how I don't have a break down everyday we are out there working on this thing. This stupid house needs to be done soon since I have a friend coming down who will be staying with us in 7 weeks. I told Kirk if it wasn't done in time he was paying for us to stay at a Disney hotel. He promises it will be done in time.

On a good note with work, I am going to be mentoring one of the Cast Members in my area! I also just got asked by a Cast Member at Magic Kingdom to have a one on one with them. (One on ones are big at Disney for networking, getting ahead in the company, learning about someones role, etc) So that's pretty cool! I'm pretty excited about the Leadership Conference next week, I'm signed up for 9 classes! I can't wait. I think all in all for September at this moment, I have 13 in person classes. That's not counting all the online ones I've been doing, or all the meetings and stuff I have to go to. No wonder I'm always so tired! I do have to say though, that my online classes are a good thing because I'm getting a Certificate from Harvard Business School for it, and that will look good on my resume.

I am eagerly awaiting my Flip Flop Chicks package in the mail. I was fine with waiting before, but now people are getting their packages and posting pictures and now I want mine! :) I am going to the post office before work today to drop mine off to my secret sister (and no loyal readers, I'm not going to spill who it is!) I really hope she likes it, that box is PACKED! I got a lot of stuff off her list and went hunting around the board trying to find stuff. It was a lot of fun :) I way overspent though.


Oh Scrap! said...

Good luck with your house and congratulations on your work advances o didn't know working at Disney was so interesting,hope you get a huge box soon from your SS

Leah said...

Oh wow Jillian, sorry about the extention. I know you guys have been working your booties off to get it done. YAY on the Disney networking and classes. You're on fire and I can see you going far with Disney! (yep - i'm psychic :P) LOL I hope your SS box comes oon - I'm getting anxious for mine as well, as I know my SS already received her box! Big hugs, hope you find some time on Saturday to actually enjoy yourself & relax a bit!