Thursday, September 6, 2007


So today was the last of 3 days of the 2007 Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Leadership Conference. It was my first time attending and it was pretty neat. I took 8 or 9 classes, seminars and key note speeches. How cool to see soooooo many of our leaders and executives all in one place. I got so much SWAG it isn't even funny! I'm going to use a lot of it as give aways for the Cast. Today was the only day that I didn't have Kirk there as my "back up person to talk to" and I was promptly "scolded" for calling him as soon as I got out of a class instead of networking. He gave me the goal of going up to someone, anyone, that I didn't know and talk with them. I said "hi" in passing to Meg Crofton (President of Walt Disney World), Al Weiss (President of Worldwide Operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts), and Jay Rasulo (Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts); and after a session with Greg Emmer (Senior Vice President of Operations, Disneyland) and Erin Wallace (Senior Vice President of Operations, Walt Disney World) went up to the two of them and talked with them! (Shy me, and I talked to Senior VPs, yay me!) I talked a bit more with Erin and thought that was pretty cool that they stuck around after talking for 2 hours to talk some more with people. So the last couple of days had a nice bit of "Disney Magic" that will make work a little more bearable until I can take some vacation time. :)

As for the house, we got a lot done over the last few days- the tile is completely done, the bathroom is painted and all but the hallway, dining room and living room have their second coat of primer and are ready to be painted. Kirk and his dad worked hard to get almost all of the front of the house covered in the siding, and got a ceiling put up in our front porch. It's starting to look like I could move in, well just in looks, but at least it's something!

Oh, I have added a poll, I'm thinking about changing the format of the house picture albums, I didn't quite know where demolition and renovation really stopped/started so most of the pictures are going into that one album. I am thinking that I will do room by room albums, what do you think? Vote for me please :) If you vote and post a comment on here saying you voted I will pick a name randomly to share some fun Disney SWAG with!


Anonymous said...

I voted YES!!! I would love to be able to tell whats what and look at sections one at a time.


Leah said...

I don't even see where to vote! HAHA But I vote YES :D
WTG on talking with all those bigwigs.. i would suck at that.. proud of you :)