Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Amazing....

Sooooo Friday morning as I'm walking backstage at work, I run into Erin Wallace again. I say hi to her since she's there and made eye contact with me and it's polite.... OMG she remembered me! "Jillian from yesterday right?" Of the five billion people I'm sure she talked to the day before, she remembered me! Very cool!

This weekend Kirk and I assembled all of our kitchen cabinets, did a dry run fitting (we ended up with about 2 feet of extra space we didn't know we had so we ran to get more cabinets!), and installed about 2/3 of the wall cabinets. I am super sore from it, but the quicker it gets done, the quicker it looks like a house and the quicker I can move it.

So since it was a big thing going in my head and 100% of the votes said to break my album into rooms, I have done it.... now shows renovations (to just before the tile was finished) room by room. Yay! :) I'll be drawing and announcing my winner soon!

OMG again.... Jessica Lynn is AMAZING!! If you haven't checked out her stamps you NEED too! She makes all of her own acrylic stamps and she custom made (and RAKed!!!!!) me engagement stamps in the Disney font! Now I need to come up with a cute card design to mail out to family and what not. They rock, and since I haven't finished my engagement album, I was looking through it, and there are 2 spots that look like these stamps were made just for those 2 spots, and she has only seen one page of the album (where I used her stamps). I really need to finish that mini album.... it's really just journaling at this point.


Leah said...

her stamps are darling!! Wonder how you go about making your own? Eh, I'll save that for everyone else to do :) How are the cabinets going? You and Kirk should be SO PROUD of all the hard work you are doing. It is SO definitely going to pay off!!

Jessica said...

Love the stamps and the progress on the house!!! FANTASTIC!