Friday, September 21, 2007

still not doing a countdown....

Well Kirk and I worked a LOT on the house this past weekend. He put up all the bead board in the bathroom and has all the trim up except for the corner pieces. Then he just needs to caulk it and it's all ready for me to paint the other half of it! All of the wall cabinets are up in the kitchen, and I had the joy of installing 15 cabinet doors, all but 3 of which were ones I needed a ladder for. My wrist is still sore. It's almost all of the upper cabinets, but not quite. I'll finish the rest of them Sunday or Monday. On Wednesday the plumber came out and the cruddy bathroom (I don't know what they were thinking when they put 3 different colors of tile in there, none of them match!) that was already in the house now has running water and a working toilet! Yay for the little things ;)

Hopefully the electrician is coming in to start installing all the new outlets, then we can bring in the appliances to install the base cabinets. They are all in place right now, but we don't want to install them and find out the stove isn't going to fit. Then the counter is coming in.... we're trying to figure out how to cut and install it ourselves, should be interesting. The plumber can come back and finish and hook up the new bathroom and our kitchen. I still have to paint sooooooooooo much of the house. Kirk is having to put in the baseboard and trim in for all the drywall we tore out and for all of the addition. I *think* that's the rest of the interior work. As for the exterior- we still have to finish the siding, although his dad and brother in law got a large chunk of the side done, the porches need to finish being caulked and can be primed (AGAIN! That will be the third time I've had to do it) and painted, and the house can get painted when the siding is finished (we've got someone to come in and do it).

Kirk and I are on vacation Oct 1-8 and he's shooting for us moving in during that week. I'm hoping, but not getting my hopes up too high. It will be soon though since I have someone coming to stay with us in mid October.

New pictures up in - kitchen, master bedroom suite, and renovations.


Leah said...

Hey sweetheart! How are things going? Have ya'll moved in yet? I've missed you! sending hugs!

Jessica said...

I get tired just reading about how much you have going on, I've really missed you at SGK!! come back soon sweets!!!