Friday, August 17, 2007

woohoo, 14 days to go!

The dry wall was installed yesterday, and now we're waiting on the screw inspection (they inspect everything with construction I swear!) and then they can tape it and texture it to match the rest of the house. Kirk says that should be done before Mon/Tue and I can start priming and painting away!

I'm tired of being screwed over at work. Today will be great though because I have yet another one of my leadership classes and LAURA IS BACK!!!! She's been gone for 2 months or so and I haven't seen her since the staff meeting and the two of us going out to dinner about a month ago. My office time is also at the end of my shift today, so I'm very tempted to say "see ya" and just go home for it. That or at least drive to the house and check out the new walls. We'll see what Kirk's schedule is first though.


Leah said...

So, was the inspection today, or coming soon? Can't wait to see some color on your new walls girl!

Jessica said...

so exciting!!!! lots going on for you, I'm so happy!!