Tuesday, August 14, 2007

House update.... 17 days to go!

We just had the new windows installed this morning, it only took them an hour to install all of them, when it took two weekends to re frame them. They are delivering the drywall sometime tomorrow and will be installing it tomorrow or Thursday. We are hopefully painting and tiling (maybe just tiling? maybe just painting?) this weekend and have someone coming (not sure when...) to do the siding and possibly *crossing my fingers* painting. Today after Kirk gets out of his meeting we may be going back out and doing the second coat of primer on the front porch, if not we're doing it tomorrow. I did the second coat yesterday while he was finishing the window framing. We are getting so close!!

I have to call Disney class registration, there is a Leadership Conference that for some reason I didn't get my email to sign up for classes, so they need to let me in. Should be a fun time. Yay for more Disney classes. Ugh, sad news for my "favorite" manager, she is still on all of September's schedule :(

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Leah said...

WOW Jillian, it's ALL coming together girl!! You all have worked so hard on this house, I pray there are no glitches in the next 2 weeks!!