Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well, Star Wars Weekends is finally over and I think I'm getting back to a normal sleep pattern (just to get messed up again this weekend). I do have to say, as much fun as the event can be, I'm more exhausted from it this year than I have ever been. I'm sure that has something to do with managing it as opposed to working it, but I was still doing 5-6 hours more a day than I did this year too. Oh well, it's over and that's all that matters (well, that and we broke last years numbers for sales :D ).

I'm kind of sad to say that my Disney classes are over tomorrow. I think that I learned a lot, and hopefully I'll be able to apply it at work. I also have a nice little network of managers (and some new friends) across property in other lines of business, so that will be pretty cool. It's been a nice little "break" from work, even though I'm still working and getting paid. Although I do have to say, I spent my last class at Magic Kingdom playing around with one of the other managers. There was only one class this week that we could skip if we'd already taken it. Since we knew in advance, we brought a change of clothes to go to MK in :)

So I think I'm finally going to try out for another design team. I won't mention who and where just yet, (don't want ya'll taking my spot ;) LOL ) but cross your fingers and what not for me!

The house is getting a little closer to move-in-able! All of the new windows are in place and sometime after we move in we'll start replacing the rest of the windows. I think we are also saving the sanding/refinishing of the floor until later too. My parents finally came out to see it and they love it and are very excited for me. I can't wait until I move so I can finally get back into scrapping :(

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Jessica said...

Jillian, I can hardly believe how exciting it must be to work at walt disney world. makes my job seem so lame!!

glad you survived your classes!