Monday, June 4, 2007

The First Weekend is over....

So the first Star Wars Weekends is over and I've survived so far. I'm in charge of all the collectible merchandise this year and it still surprises me after working it 4 years how fanatical people can get. I'm completely exhausted over the weekend and all Kirk and I did after work was grab dinner and go right to bed, but I'm STILL tired.... This week will be the same, I'm off today but have to do laundry and study. Tomorrow we're both off and working on the house, like ripping out all the tiles in the kitchen and tearing down part of a wall. Wednesday I'm pulling a double at work- I have a state food safety class and test that is from 9a-430p, and then I'm working from 630p-3a. Thursday I'm working 10a-7p and then hopefully sleeping as soon as I get off work. Friday goes back into SWW and being in at 5a. Saturday is SWW again, going to Magic Kingdom to meet Pozzie and her daughter, and then off to a family party/dinner/thing. Sunday is back to SWW and hopefully sleep! I have a feeling that I'll be wanting to vacation in July, even if it's really just a little four day weekend!

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