Monday, June 11, 2007

2 down, 2 to go

Well another SWW is over, and only 2 more to go. I'm sad to say, but I'm really not enjoying working it this year and that disappoints me. Way more than anything I want to go into on the Internet, but some people need to stay out of things they don't belong in. I'm actually glad that I'm not working the very last day of the event. I'm actually out of "work" the whole last week of the month... Off on Sunday, classes at Disney University Monday-Friday and then off again on Saturday. Should be fun. As for last week- I am still exhausted from it and I managed to not have to work on Thursday. I did pass my class/test from Wednesday, I am now a State Certified Food Safety Manager. Kind of scary when you think about the fact that I can't cook; I own a cook book called "How to Boil Water Life After Takeout". Kirk and I ended up meeting Pozzie and her daughter at Epcot not Magic Kingdom. We had a blast! I wish we had more time to spend with them. Pozzie will be back down this fall and we'll hang out more then!

All the tile in the house is gone and now so is the wall between our bedroom and the old closet, that was fun pounding drywall out. The back addition is almost done, in the sense that the old exterior wall is almost ready to be knocked out. We need to put in a door and window and I think it will be ready. It's moving along!


Tam said...

Jillian! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am saving your blog in my favorites so I can read up on all your latest happenings! Congrats again on your engagement! I am soooo happy for you!

Steffi said...

Wow Star Wars Weekend? Ok I know how crazy those fans/collectors can be. I am enjoying reading your blog. How cool you finally got to meet one of the online girls. More will find their way down there I know it!!! I will be down eventually since My Mommy lives in St. Cloud. I want to see pictures of your house renovations!