Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Brave Highland Games!

The Brave Highland Games have arrived at Epcot! From June 1st until July 8th you can experience four tournament games that make you feel like part of the movie. The Highland Games are open from 11am until 7pm over in the Future World West walkway. I went with Kirk, Cole, and my friend Sarah and we had so much fun!

Before you start the games, you get to spin the clan wheel. The wheel has the four main clans from the movie -MACINTOSH, DINGWALL, MACGUFFIN & DUNBROCH. Whatever clan the wheel lands on is the clan that you will represent (by wearing their button) for the games.

Spin the Clan Wheel
Two of the four Clan buttons.

The first game is archery! Who doesn't love archery? This one was my favorite of the games! They give you a bow and arrow and have the chance to make it into the bullseye hole (because this is Disney and safe for the family: the arrow isn't sharp, it's weighted on the end and there is a big hole were the bullseye is on the target.). None of us made it in, but we all came close!

Kirk getting an archery refresher.
Next up was the haggis flip, not as disgusting as it sounds! Three people can play at one time. Each player gets three haggis to flip off the launcher with a mallet into one of the three baskets in front of you. It's harder than it looked, but still fun!

Haggis Flip
After the haggis flip comes the cake toss with the Triplets. Cake toss really is corn hole or bean bag toss. There are three boards that each have three holes to aim your cakes at. You get three cake to toss. Somehow everyone get cakes in the holes but me lol

Cake Toss
Last, but certainly not least, is the mini caber toss! My second favorite of the games. There are enough cabers for three (I'm sensing a pattern) people to toss at a time. The cabers are heavier than they look, but definitely still light enough for kids to play. They feel like a foam rubber with a weight inside of them, all inside a cover than is wood grain fabric. The goal of this one is to throw it, have it flip end over end and land in front of you. I'm not sure if any of us did it, we were having too much fun laughing!

Kirk, me, & Sarah doing the Mini Caber Toss.
As you are leaving the Highland Games field, there is a Cast Member giving out crayons and paper do you can do a character rubbing (like they had in the Fairy Garden during Flower & Garden Festival.), one for each clan. They also have a postcard pack- 6 cards with different characters on the front and activities on the back.

That's not all they have set up! There is a playground (recommended for children ages 2 through 12) set up across the way that looked like a lot of fun! The best part of the playground is the adults area- tents with chairs and free wi-fi! Yup, that's right, free wi-fi in the park!

We had a lot of fun, and I highly recommend you check it out if you have the chance! I'll definitely be back before it closes July 8th!

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