Sunday, July 31, 2011

Savings for the week of 7/24-7/30

Slightly busier week, but not as much coupon shopping.  Vacation is coming up and we're working on getting things organized around the house.   It is also back to school shopping (not for us, for work donations)  and I have no clue what the regular prices for any of the supplies were.  HUGE run at CVS, but they had emailed me a $5 off $25 coupon, and several things we were looking at went towards the "spend $30 on select items, get a $10 gas card" that we went for it.  We still did good!  

*Saved $12.86, Spent $16.22 OOP, and 11.72 in gift cards
2 deodorants, 2 wet cat food, t shirt, 1 duel tip Sharpie, 2 10 pack pencils, 3 pack highlighters, 6 pencil holders, 6 scissors, 6 packs of lined paper, 2 pack erasers, 10 pack ball point pens, 2 24 packs Crayola crayons, 2 glue sticks, 2 12 packs color pencils, 6 folders.

Spent $63.79
4 small office boxes with lids, 2 under bed storage bins with lids, 2 small and 2 large shelves for bathroom. 

*Saved $40.81, Spent $35.28 OOP, got $10.00 ECB and $10.00 gas card
Big bag M&M Peanutbutter, Big bag M&M peanut, 2 bags Snickers fun size, 2 8 pack AA batteries, toothpaste, 1 gallon ice tea, 1 box Claritin, 1 bottle eye drops, 1 tube Bengay, 3 small bags M&M peanut. redbox- 1 free DVD rental
rewards at CVS this week

*Saved $20.00, Spent $22.38 OOP
2 card holders, 3 large Really Useful Boxes, notebook, Kit Kat and $1 donation (last two as fillers to get me to my total needed for coupon!)

Grand total-
*Saved $73.67, Spent $137.67, have $10 in gas gift cards and $10 ECB left over

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