Monday, July 18, 2011

Savings for the week of 7/10-7/16

Slow shopping week this week (not that that is a bad thing!) only hit a few stores, but still got some great deals overall! I did start getting pieces to put together my coupon binder so my spent is a little higher than it could have been, but I'm getting tired of flipping through inserts when we're doing regular grocery list making.  I don't even have that many inserts yet lol 

*Saved $12.81, Spent $12.74 OOP, got $5.00 ECB
2 Full sized shampoos, 2 full sized conditioners, hair product with free shampoo/conditioner sample

*Saved $1.50, Spent $16.55 OOP
2 pencil cases, 2 card holders, 1 index dividers (starting my coupon binder, so not a lot of money saved, but will be time saved in the long run!)

*Saved $26.99 Spent $14.21 OOP, got $10.00 in gift cards (could have used the gift cards to bring down my OOP, but I had limited shopping time and the lines weren't short.  Besides, I know I'll be back soon to use them!)
Body wash, 10 razors, 2 packs of cat treats, Benadryl itch stick, 2 sharpies

Grand total-
*Saved $41.30, Spent $43.50, have $10 in gift cards and $5 ECB left over

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