Sunday, July 7, 2013

Super Target Super Savings!!

Today I finally hit one of my ultimate savings goals- hitting The Dollar Spot at Target on a markdown day!! Usually I hit it a few days after it starts, and it's picked through & hardly anything (good) is left. Today I hit the jackpot on some things I've kept my eye on in hopes of a markdown! 

Ok, so this part isn't Dollar Spot, but one top and one bottom were clearance & my husband picked out the rest on sale & he was very proud of himself! All cute stuff Little Man will wear and he needed more clothes in this size anyway! 

Retail: $41.00 Paid: $29.95 Saved: $11.05

So the crazy ice cube trays and the little bowls are what I've been keeping my eye on. I have a yet to be disclosed project for the trays. The rest of the stuff is for Little Man. More bowls & fun kitchen tools so he can "cook" with daddy in the kitchen; & story time books! 

Retail: $12.00 Paid: $3.60 Saved: $8.40

Everything here is from the pesky non $1 section, they had been $3 each. Some toys for the nieces & nephew to play with outside, some classic books, more cooking stuff for Little Man & a flashlight clip. 

Retail: $30.00 Paid: $9.00 Saved: $21.00

The rest is kitcheny stuff for my husband- labels for homemade item and fun ceramic picnic bowls that will be used in some way or another (most likely not as labeled). 

Retail: $7.00 Paid: $2.10 Saved: $4.90

Overall totals: 
Retail: $90.00 Paid: $44.65 Saved: $45.35 a little over 50% saved!! 

If you take out the clothing, it leaves just The Dollar Spot items, which leaves us with:
Retail: $49.00 Paid: $14.70 Saved: $34.30 70% saved!  

All in all a great trip to Target!! So check out what your local Dollar Spot has, you never know what you'll find there! 

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