Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wow, it's been forever!!

Sorry for the long delay in blogging, so many things have happened since the last time I posted, I'll have to do a few entries!

I entered several handmade stamped cards at the Osceola County Fair and Livestock Show and took home 3 2nd place ribbons. Not bad considering I've never entered anything like that before and they messed up my entry and took it as 3 groups instead of 8 separate cards. Sorry for the crappy pictures, our camera was slowing dying on us at this point :(

Almost every stamp used for these cards are from has some amazing stamps!! I want them all, and I am slowly but surely getting there :) If you sign up for the mailing list or make a purchase make sure you include my name (Jillian Davis) in the referral or comments box!

Fourth of July Card

stamps from

Baby Shower Card

stamps from

Happy Halloween Card

stamps from

Mardi Gras New Orleans Card

stamps from

Engagement Announcement Card

from (except for May 14, 2007)

Congratulations on your Wedding Card

stamps from

Missing You Card

stamps from

Baby Card

stamps from

Here they are on display at the fair!

Entering was so much fun and it was awesome to see my cards on display! Next time around I want to do some scrapbook pages too. I better get cracking! :)

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Oh Scrap!! said...

Well about time we hear from you!
congratulations on your wedding and keep in touch, hugs, Rosa.